Cambridge SoundWorks 5.1 Home Theater System HT155 Review


  • Our BassCube 105 Powered Subwoofer features a downward-firing 10-inch driver and a heavy-duty acoustic-suspension woofer- plus a built-in 75 watt amplifier for deep rich bass. The BassCube 105 is encased in a 14-inch cube shaped cabinet and features a downward firing design which allows it to be placed directly against side walls. Every Cambridge SoundWorks home theater speaker package in this system are acoustically matched to create a seamless transition across the full frequency spectrum.
  • Matched systems deliver the balanced audio experience and broad soundstage that are essential to a complete home theater experience at a lower cost to you than buying each component individually.
  • Package Includes: MC155 x 3 S205 x 2 P205 x 1. Includes 100 ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire.
  • Clear, Key Features of the MC155 Satellite Speakers:
  • Attractively styled asymmetrical cabinets eliminate distortion-causing reflections known as "standing waves" delivering a superior audio experience.
  • Crossover circuit design optimized to deliver crystal-clear highs through the tweeter
  • Two 3 1/2-inch precision drivers 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter
  • Input connections: gold plated, spring loaded
  • Compatible with receivers or amplifiers rated from 10 to 150-watts per channel,Key Features of the S205 Surround Speakers:
  • 4-inch full-range and 2.5-inch mid/high frequency drivers
  • Dipole and Bipole dispersion modes
  • For use with amplifiers up to 100-watts per channel
  • Available in Midnight Black and White satin finish,Key Features of BassCube 105 Powered Subwoofer:
  • Bass level control
  • Electronic crossover frequency selector (which can be set as low as 55Hz and as high as 160Hz) to match the subwoofer to your speakers
  • Auto-on/auto-off switch will shut off when not in use and automatically turn on when during audio playback
  • Phase reversal switches help achieve a seamless subwoofer/speaker acoustic blend
  • Line input and speaker-level inputs- the subwoofer can be connected to any receiver or amplifier
  • Amplifier Power: 75 watts

Price: $759.99
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Cambridge SoundWorks 5.1 Home Theater System HT155

Our HT155 combines our versatile MC155 speakers serving as the three front channels with our switchable S205 speakers, which serve as the two rear surrounds. All are matched with our p 205 to create a powerful home theater system that will let you experience music and movies at their very best.

The remarkable MC155 two-way speakers were engineered for outstanding audio fidelity and designed for versatility enabling them to be incorporated into a great stereo or home theater system. The MC155 is an MTM (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) design for smooth, wide-dispersion sound, making them ideal for use as main, center, and even surround sound speakers. They feature a -inch aluminum dome tweeter with a dual magnet Neodymium structure carefully matched with two precision 3 -inch bass/midrange drivers to offer superb music and movie sound reproduction.

Our S205 surround speakers semi-circular enclosure houses 4-inch and 2 -inch full-range drivers, which deliver outstanding audio fidelity. Custom engineered with two audio dispersion patterns optimized to deliver the type of audio content that should be heard through rear surrounds, the S205 features a convenient switch on the underside of the enclosure, enabling you to switch between Dipole mode and Bipole mode to optimize the listening experience for the movie you are watching.

The Dipole mode provides the "from all directions" dispersion pattern favored for use with Dolby Surround programs and with many Dolby Digital movie releases. The Bipole mode retains some of the dispersion of the Dipole mode, but adds a center focus ideal for any Dolby Digital program featuring heavy use of the rear channels.

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