Yamaha NS-IW470 6.5" 3-Way In-Wall Speaker System (White) Review


  • 6.5" cone woofers
  • 2" level adjustable cone midrange
  • 1" silk soft dome tweeter
  • Swivel tweeter and midrange for wide dispersion
  • Internally wired with Monster Cable

Price: $199.95
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Easy-to-Install, In-Wall Speaker System delivers high-quality natural sound to enhance the Home Theater experience. Yamaha's in-wall speaker system includes such features as a paintable grille and frame, internal Monster Cable, and much more.

Feature List
Do-It-Yourself Installation, Paintable Grille and Frame
With a few basic tools you can easily install these speakers in the wall yourself. The grilles and frames can be spray painted to match the rooms decor. Low Distortion, High Capacity Customized Crossover Network
The NS-IW470WH features a high quality crossover network to ensure maximum sound performance. The crossover circuit is designed to minimize distortion and prevent the deterioration of transients as they pass through the network. Internally Wired with Monster Cable
Yamaha has chosen to ensure optimum sound quality by internally wiring some of the components with Monster Cable. This ensures a clean, clear signal from the crossover network to the speaker driver. Swivel Tweeter and Midrange Driver, with High-Level Adjustment
You can swivel the tweeter and midrange driver to " aim" the high frequency sound toward the main listening area. To do this, simply press on the edge of the tweeter or midrange and set the position. You can also adjust the level of the midrange by using the "High-Level" control to match your taste or the installation environment.

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